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Track Culture - A Student’s Guide to Gaming
Rose, Reagan

Track Culture - A Student’s Guide to Gaming

ISBN: 9781527107984
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Book Description:

TRACK is a series of books designed to disciple the next generation in the areas of culture, doctrine & the Christian life. While the topics addressed aren't always that simple, they are communicated in a manner that is.

  • Biblical view of gaming
  • Latest in helpful Track series
  • For students and young adults

Gaming is multi-billion-dollar industry, which has been growing massively in the last few years. It seems that everyone is gaming in one way or another. You might not think that the Bible has anything to say about gaming, but Reagan Rose has written this helpful book on what our relationship with gaming should look like.

Video Games Are Too Good
2. You've Been Given a Quest
3. You Were Designed For Dominion
4. Be Careful of Fake Fellowship
5. Redeemed For Reward
6. It's Not Your Time to Waste
7. Don't Glory in the Gore
8. How Should We Think About Video Games?
9. A Gameplan For Gaming
Appendix A: What Now?
Appendix B: Other Books on this Topic


Reagan Rose is the founder of Redeeming Productivity, a media ministry which helps Christians develop a bibically-grounded understanding of personal productivity so they can get more done for the glory of God. He and his wife, Kim, have two children.

Additional Information:

Cover: Softcover
Number of Pages: 101
Publisher: Christian Focus Publications
Publication Date: 2023
Discussion Questions: Included