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About Reformed Book Services

Promoting godliness, revival and reformation

Our Mission:

Reformed Book Services is a Canadian charity that operates a Christian bookstore selling Bibles and books written from a distinctively Puritan and Reformed perspective for all ages at discounted prices. Our mission is to glorify God and strengthen His Church through the distribution of Puritan and Reformed literature. We also sell used books, tracts, CD recordings of sacred instrumental and choir music, and greeting cards. Contact us about volume discounts. Shipping is offered to anywhere in Canada.

 Our History:

Reformed Book Services goes all the way back to the 1970s when a few concerned church members took it on themselves to make good Puritan and Reformed books available for our churches in Canada. They began by selling books at church conferences and meetings. By 2009 it was felt that there was a need to have an actual bricks and mortar venue so that books could be made available all the time, not only to our church members, but to the public as well. A corporation was formed also, and a board of 10 was established. The store is serviced mainly by volunteers, with the exception of two staff members.