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Ultimate Frontier: Meeting the Challenge of Islamic Dawaq (with special focus on Africa)
Heiberg, Christo

Ultimate Frontier: Meeting the Challenge of Islamic Dawaq (with special focus on Africa)

ISBN: 9781039160316
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Book Description:

In this thoughtful and carefully-researched book the author seeks to shed light on the perils of Islamic Dawa, the ancient Islamist strategy for world-domination, dating back to the seventh century. He calls on Christians in particular to enter this "war of ideas" with heroic courage, gospel truth and genuine love, while refusing to paint all Muslims with the same brush. His attention to history and the African continent, as well as his use of primary sources, makes this an invaluable resource for researchers and "casual" readers alike. Ultimate Frontier will challenge, inspire, and motivate Christians, Muslims and all peace-loving people to stand together against any form of extremism and all totalitarian utopian dreams.


Christo Heiberg was born in South Africa, and is currently living in Ontario, Canada as a pastor-missionary. He is married to Margherita and blessed with four children.


"Ultimate Frontier will teach our Christians how to avoid converting to Islam… and help the church in winning many more converts for Christ."
--Johnckson Murabyo, MBB Coordinator, Church of Uganda

"Ultimate Frontier is not only an indispensable guide for Christians seeking to counter the challenge of Islamic Dawa, but also to bring the gospel message to Muslims."
--Robert Spencer, author of The Critical Quran, California

"Unlike other authors, so heavily influenced and compromised by political correctness, the author delivers a straightforward and fearless treatment of Islamic Dawa, in the con dence that the truth will set us free (John 8:32)."
--Tony Costa, Ph.D., University of Toronto

"Ultimate Frontier is invaluable in its focus on Africa as the epicenter of political Islam."
--Eric Ngala Mutumbi, RTS Seminary, Bumala, Kenya

Additional Information:

Cover: Softcover
Number of Pages: 296
Publisher: Friesen Press
Publication Date: 2023