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The Doctrine of Justification
Buchanan, James

The Doctrine of Justification

ISBN: 9781848716933
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Book Description:

From the Author's Introduction::

'It may be thought by some that the subject of justification is trite and exhausted; that, as one of the 'commonplaces' of theology, it was conclusively determined and settled at the era of the Reformation; and that nothing new or interesting can now be introduced into the discussion of it.
But … may it not be said that, to a large class of minds in the present age, nothing could well be more new than the old theology of the Reformation? The gospel is older than Luther; but to every succeeding generation it is still new-good news from God-as fresh now as when it first sprung from the fountain of Inspiration.
… The doctrine of justification, by grace, through faith in Christ, is the old doctrine of the Reformation, and the still older doctrine of the gospel; yet the vivid apprehension of its meaning and the cordial reception of its truth must be a new thing in the experience of everyone when he is first enabled to realize and to believe it.'

Table of Contents:
Introductory Essay by J I Packer Short Account of the Author
PART I HISTORY OF THE DOCTRINE OF JUSTIFICATION: 1. History of the Doctrine in the Old Testament 2. History of the Doctrine in the Apostolic Age 3.History of the Doctrine in the Times of the Fathers and Scholastic Divines 4.History of the Doctrine at the Era of the Reformation 5.History of the Doctrine in the Romish Church after the Reformation 6.History of the Doctrine as a Subject of Controversy among Protestants 7.History of the Doctrine in the Church of England
PART II EXPOSITION OF THE DOCTRINE OF JUSTIFICATION:  8.Justification: the Scriptural Meaning of the Term 9. Justification: the Proper Nature of the Blessing 10.Justification: Its Relation to the Law and Justice of God 11. Justification: Its Relation to the Mediatorial Work of Christ 12. Justification: Its Immediate and Only Ground,- the Imputed Righteousness of Christ 13. Justification: Its Relation to Grace and Works 14.Justification: the Nature and Reason of Its Connection with Faith 15.Justification: Its Relation to the Work of the Holy Spirit


'The value of Buchanan's book today is that it will help us to understand this message better, and so to preach it in the full and comprehensive way in which the modern world needs to hear it.' - J.I. PACKER

'There is a reason why James Buchanan's treatment of The Doctrine of Justification is a Christian classic. It puts to rest forever the notion that the magisterial reformers of the 16th Century introduced a novelty in their declaration that justification is by faith alone. Buchanan's careful and comprehensive survey of church history shows clearly that the doctrine is the historic and Biblical doctrine.' - R.C. SPROUL

Additional Information:

Cover: Hardcover
Number of Pages: 494
Author: Buchanan, James
Publisher: Banner of Truth Trust
Publication Date: 2016