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The Gospel Life Series - Gospel Remission
Burroughs, Jeremiah

The Gospel Life Series - Gospel Remission

ISBN: 156769067X
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Book Description:

This book follows Burroughs masterpiece The Evil of Evils, thus as a tender pastor, he knew that after hearing about the deadly nature of sin, his congregation would need to hear about the remission of sins offered in the gospel. Burroughs covers five areas of forgiveness: 
   The many gospel mysteries in remission
 The glorious effects proceeding from remission
   The great mistakes made about remission
   The true signs and symptoms of remission
   The ways and means to obtain remission.

Burroughs stresses the dishonor to God by not resting on the mercy of His remission.

The Gospel Life Series
Paul writes to Titus that we are to adorn the doctrine of God in all things. This series of books by Jeremiah Burroughs, Puritan preacher in London in the 1600s, shows us how to do just that. We are to adorn the doctrine of God in our worship (Gospel Worship); we are to adorn the doctrine of God in our reverence (Gospel Fear); and we are to adorn the doctrine of God in our conduct (Gospel Conversation). To adorn the doctrine of God, we must know God and Christ (Gospel Revelation); we must know the blessedness that comes from having our sins forgiven (Gospel Remission); and we must know the marvelous plan of salvation that God offers to us (Gospel Reconciliation).


Jeremiah Burroughs (1599-1646) During his life, Jeremiah Burroughs was loved for his preaching and gentle spirit and was persecuted for his non-conformity to the Church of England. Forced to flee to Holland and Rotterdam for a time, he eventually returned to England and preached to congregations in Stepney and Cripplegate in London, two of the largest congregations in all of England.

Additional Information:

Cover: Hardcover
Number of Pages: 272
Author: Burroughs, Jeremiah
Publisher: Soli Deo Gloria Publications
Publication Date: 1995