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Finding Peace with God: Justification Explained
Roberts, Maurice

Finding Peace with God: Justification Explained

ISBN: 9781848712782
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Book Description:

Justification. Just another piece of theological jargon, or a vital teaching which, as the author states, may be compared to the very door by which the Christian faith is entered?

Do you want to grow in your knowledge of the character of God/ Do you want to see others around you at peace with him? Then work to acquire a solid grasp of this wonderful doctrine. As the authors asks "Is anything in this life half so important as this one thing: to be freely justified by God's grace?"

Table of Contents:
  1.Our Relationship to God
  2.Our Need of Justification
  3.God's Gift of Righteousness
  4.Salvation by Faith Alone
  5.The Teaching on Justification in the Early Church
  6.Errors and Falsehood to be Avoided
  7.The Classic Statement
  8.The Healthy Fear of God
  9..Justification: the Way to Glory


Maurice Roberts is the Minister of the Inverness congregation of the Free Church of Scotland (Continuing). He is well known as a conference speaker in many countries around the world and was editor of the monthly magazine The Banner of Truth from January 1988 to January 2003.

Additional Information:

Cover: Booklet
Number of Pages: 45
Publisher: Banner of Truth Trust
Publication Date: 2013