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Girls Heritage Set - First Impressions of God: The Story of Emily Tappan
Wells, Ann R.

Girls Heritage Set - First Impressions of God: The Story of Emily Tappan

ISBN: 9781583391099
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Book Description:

"I don't believe mother knows that there is a God," said Emily Tappan as she ran in from the garden.

"I'm sure she doesn't know or she would have told us all about it. Well, I'll just go and tell her."

Blushing and almost breathless over the importance of her thought, she exclaimed, "Oh, Mother, there is a God. Mary Lewis told me so. And oh, he is so great! Greater than this house, greater than the tall trees, greater than everything, and I thought you would be glad to know it. I was so glad, and yet it made me afraid."

These are, as the title goes, Emily's first impressions of God, but she is going to learn so much more about His grace!

A charming story about a young girl's first encounter with the knowledge of God, and the gospel, through the faithful witness of neighbors.

First Impressions of God is one of the books in the 8-volume Girl's Heritage Series, or, as it is sometimes known, The Children's Heritage Series - Girl's Collection.

Other volumes in the set are:

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  • The Dairyman's Daughter
  • The Young Cottager
  • The Little Girl's Treasury
  • Grace Raymond: The Evil and Cure of a Passionate Temper
  • Patty's Curiosity
  • I Have a Soul

Additional Information:

Cover: Softcover
Number of Pages: 102
Publisher: Grace & Truth Books
Publication Date: 2003