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The Person of Christ: Finding Assurance by Walking With Jesus
Bonar, Andrew

The Person of Christ: Finding Assurance by Walking With Jesus

ISBN: 9781527109711
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Book Description:

Right views of sin have a tendency to lead us to right views of the Person of the Saviour. But the converse is also true; right views of the Saviour's person lead to the right views of sin.

The Person of Christ is a wonderful encouragement for Christians today. Despite the difference between this edition's original publication date, the truths Bonar addresses are timeless.

Focusing his structure on topics from the person of Christ as the essence of good tidings to views on Christ and the second coming, Bonar sets out a precedent for heartfelt evangelical exposition of the Gospel via the personal relationship Christians have with the Person of Christ.


Andrew Bonar (1810-1892) was a minister of the Free Church of Scotland in Glasgow and was the younger brother of the noted hymn writer Horatius Bonar. He was also the author of a famous biography of Robert Murray McCheyne.


The brevity of this book is no indicator of the immense help it can provide for any who desire to grow in knowing Jesus. With each page, Bonar carefully and consistently lifts up the person of Christ and exhorts us with reasons to keep our eyes fixed on him. My heart was stirred with fresh affection for my Savior, and I pray yours would be as well.
--Matthew Boswell, Pastor, The Trails Church; Hymnwriter; Assistant Professor of Church Music and Worship, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

This richly Reformed, experiential treatise opens up the great blessings of looking in faith to the person of Jesus Christ. Bonar shows us that from the new birth to one's passage through death into glory, Christ is everything to the believer. In fact, He Himself, as revealed in His Word and promises, is the essence of our assurance of faith. This book is a great help to any true Christian who longs to grow in the Christian life in full-orbed assurance.
--Joel R. Beeke, President, Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary, Grand Rapids, Michigan

This little book reminds us that salvation is not found in bare belief but enfleshed Deity.Our salvation is a person - the Lord Jesus Christ. Bonar's short chapters stir our affections as we ponder the Lord's personal beauty and sufficiency. In this book you will behold the glorious King in a fresh way.
--Natalie Brand, Author of The Good Portion: Salvation and Prone to Wander

Additional Information:

Cover: Hardcoer
Number of Pages: 91
Publisher: Christian Focus Publications
Publication Date: 2023