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Two Bears
Ryle, J.C.

Two Bears

ISBN: 9781583391051
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Book Description:

Many Christian parents wish their children could sit under the weekly ministry of a pastor as faithful to the Word of God as J.C. Ryle. This devout minister was one of the most beloved figures of 19th-century England, and never was there a clearer or more gifted communicator of the truths of the Bible. Ryle used to bring an occasional sermon just for the little children of his church.

This is a collection of those sermons - delivered with an ease of style, so that the message still can't be missed as your children read them today. Simple, but never shallow, Ryle takes a child by the hand and guides him into deep and great truths in ways that few adults know how to do today.

Additional Information:

Cover: Softcover
Number of Pages: 93
Author: Ryle, J.C.
Publisher: Grace & Truth
Publication Date: 1998