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Story Treasures 3: Christian Stories to Teach and Inspire
Stoutjesdyk, A.

Story Treasures 3: Christian Stories to Teach and Inspire

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Book Description:

Words convey meaning and the books we read bring a certain message to our minds. Most books available today ignore the existence of God; they never mention the Bible and portray a world without God. Some other books describe an unbiblical way of salvation. Both of these kinds of books implant wrong ideas in the impressionable inds of our young people. 

Our children need to read books that illustrate the wonderful ways of god with His church, share important truths and give a Biblical perspective on important issues. The well-written stories in this third Story Treasures do more than amuse and enthuse. They nourish a life-view based on the Bible and the lives of the saints of old.

During his many years of teaching, Mr. Stoutjesdyk effectively used the story form to illustrate Biblical concepts and topics raised in other subjects. Many former students fondly remember the engaging and instructive stories he wove into his teaching. While a story written is different from a story told, parents and teachers will appreciate this volume written from the scriptural-experiential perspective.

Most stories in this book are retellings of other authors. They are retold in today's English in a format appealing to young people. Several of the stories are Mr. Stoutjesdyk's own work.


Mr. Stoutjesdyk was the founding principal of Mount Cheam Christian School in Chilliwack and served the school from 1980-2010. Since 2010, he has been the general secretary of the Trinitarian Bible society (Canada). He and his wife Annette live at the foot of Mount Cheam, the most prominent peak in the eastern Fraser Valley of British Columbia.

Additional Information:

Cover: Softcover
Number of Pages: 183
Publication Date: 2023