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The Torn Bible Page
Visser-Oskam, Lena

The Torn Bible Page

ISBN: GA2009
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Book Description:

One day, a twelve-year-old farm labourer's son finds a mysterious paper. The paper mentions something about a City with twelve gates. Bert feels that this paper has a message for him, but he doesn't understand it. He saves the paper as a priceless treasure and he doesn't tell anyone about it. Several times Bert is in danger of losing the paper. First he loses it in the water, then the schoolmaster takes it away, and the next time the neighbour man throws it into the stove…

In the fall Bert becomes ill. The boy finally receives answers to his questions while he is on his sick bed. Eventually he may enter the City himself and he may say with all the others who have entered before him, "The half was not told me."

The Torn Bible Page is a true story with a special message. May it be a blessing to young and old.


Additional Information:

Cover: Hardcover
Number of Pages: 111
Author: Visser-Oskam, Lena
Publisher: GA Printing
Publication Date: 2009