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The Little Furniture Maker
Visser, Lena

The Little Furniture Maker

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Book Description:

Hein's brother, Han, is seriously ill. Their mother, who is a widow, cannot go to work anymore because she has to take care of her son. As a result they are short of money and food. Hein notices his sandwiches becoming thinner and thinner so he tries hard to find a solution for the family's problems. He finally comes up with a plan to earn money himself: he starts making miniature pieces of furniture and tries to sell them by going from door to door.

At first Hein does quite well but after awhile sales start to go down. People often send him away angrily and call him names. At one time a group of boys tries to get him involved in theft. Another time, he is almost picked up by the police.

Despite all the difficulties, Mother believes that the Lord will help them, because He is a Father of the orphans.

And…God helps indeed, although the family has to go through many deep trials and temptations.

Additional Information:

Cover: Hardcover
Number of Pages: 102
Author: Visser, Lena
Publisher: GA Printing
Publication Date: 2008