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The Believer's Only Comfort: A Study Guide for the Heidelberg Catechism [NKJV] - Teacher's Guide Volume 2 (LD 25-52)
Schoeman, Rev. J.

The Believer's Only Comfort: A Study Guide for the Heidelberg Catechism [NKJV] - Teacher's Guide Volume 2 (LD 25-52)

ISBN: frpub1159
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Book Description:

All Bible passages in this Answer Book are in the New King James Version.

This is the Teachers Guide for the second of a two-part curriculum on the Heidelberg Catechism.

Volume 1 covers Lord's Days 1-24; Volume 2 covers Lord's Days 25-52.

This curriculum is written for the senior level (age 16 and up), but can also be used for the junior level (age 14-16). This can be done by simply focusing on those questions and answers that cover the main material in each Lord's Day.

There are two separate books for each part: a Teacher's Guide and a Student Workbook. The Teacher's Guide contains the answers to the questions as well as a number of suggestions ("Teaching Hints") which the teachers can use in teaching the lesson. It also contains a complete set of memory work quizzes, tests, attendance sheet, evaluation record and summary report.


What a world of difference there is between a disorganized, uninteresting, and irrelevant presentation of our doctrines and one that is clear, compelling and captivating. With his Student's Workbook of The Believer's Only Comfort, Pastor Schoeman handily brings the latter within reach. Forged on the anil of real experience and in the flames of passionate desire that young people would know the fear of God, this resource promises to retain its edge over the long term. May God bless it with His Spirit's indespensable grace that the fear of God would 'buy the truth and sell it not , Proverbs 23:23'.   --Dr. Jerry Bilkes, Professor of New Testament at Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary

"The church of God shall never be conserved without catechism, for it is as the seed to be kept, that the good grain perish not, but that it may increase from age to age. Wherefore if you desire to build a work of continuance to endure long, and which should not shortly fall into decay, cause that the childrenin their young age be instructed in a good catechism."   -JOHN CALVIN

Additional Information:

Cover: Spiral Bound
Number of Pages: 311
Author: Schoeman, Rev. J.
Publisher: Free Reformed Publications
Publication Date: 2015