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Christ's Ministry in the Christian: the Administration of His Offices in the Christian
Wisse, G.

Christ's Ministry in the Christian: the Administration of His Offices in the Christian

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Book Description: 

Table of Contents:
The Prophetical Office of Christ
   1. Christ as Prophet in the Knowledge of Misery
   2. Christ as Prophet Revealing Redemption
   3. Christ as Prophet in Sanctification
The Priestly Office of Christ
   4. Christ as Priest in the Knowledge of Misery
   5. Christ as Priest in the Experience of Redemption
   6. Christ as Priest in Sanctification
The Kingly Office of Christ
   7. Christ as King in the Uncovering of Misery
   8. Christ as King in the Realm of Redemption
   9. Christ as King in Sanctification
May I Partake of the Lord's Supper?


Every lover of orthodox, Reformed literature, knows moments of profound joy when coming across a book with which his entire being can fully agree and which serves as heavenly food for his soul. This short, precious treatise on the offices of Christ experientially realized in the believer, has been a feast for my soul personally. Under the Spirit's blessing, it will no doubt be such for all those who have become acquainted with the gracious ministry of God's office-bearer Christ Jesus, who by His Spirit uncovers our sin-depravity, discovers redemption in Himself, and leads saved sinners to walk humbly and gratefully in the paths of righteousness.
This book is a rare treasure indeed. In it the genuine, scriptural-experiential life of God's people is beautifully and profoundly delineated by way of the classic divisions of the Heidelberg Catechism - the three dimensions of genuine Christian experience: misery, redemption, and gratitude. In this volume the believer will read of the full spectrum of experiential Christianity. He will read both how matters often are in the life of the self-disappointed believer, as well as how he should and may be graciously led more deeply into the mysteries of the most holy faith in Christ Jesus. Here he will find both what he has experienced and what he is yet lacking, and in both cases he will be encouraged to flee to the triune God of grace to find his all in Christ, and in Him in God Himself." - Joel Beeke

All who treasure experiential truth will find Christ's Ministry in the Christian to be a rare treasure'"a devotional gem of exquisite beauty. In this profound, instructive, and precious volume, Rev. Gerard Wisse (commonly referred to as Professor Wisse due to his eight-year tenure as theological instructor) describes and delineates the very essence and marrow of Christian experience in a stirring and inimitable manner"

"Professor Gerard Wisse was not only privileged with the talent of pulpit eloquence in an extraordinary manner, but he also knew how to descend into the depths of the human heart, to which his numerous larger and smaller practical writings are a testimony" - Rev.van den Belt

Additional Information:

Cover: Hardcover
Number of Pages: 123
Author: Wisse, G.
Publisher: Free Reformed Publications
Publication Date: 2013