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Baker Family Adventures - 8 Volume Set
Hedgcock, C.R.

Baker Family Adventures - 8 Volume Set

ISBN: BakerFam
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Book Description:

A great set of adventure stories for ages 12-17! They make excellent read-alouds to ages 8-11 too.

Meet Mr. and Mrs. Baker and their four children: responsible Phil, sensible Abby, daring Andy, and inquisitive Tom. The Bakers are a Christian homeschooling family who love helping others, and they seem to have a knack for finding people who need help.

The Series includes these eight books:
Book 1: Summer of Suspense
Book 2: Peril on Providence Island
Book 3: Riddle of the Ruby Ring
Book 4: The Treacherous Trail
Book 5: Prisoner of the Pyrenees
Book 6: Iceland Intrigue
Book 7: Hunting in the Highlands
Book 8: Rescue in the Rockies

From Author R.C. Hedgecock:

Most of my childhood reads were about individuals or groups of children going off on thrilling adventures by themselves. There were no parents around, and hardly any adults (except the villains, of course). Sound familiar?
A few years ago, I began wondering why this was so. Why do adventures have to take place when children are alone? Why are things suddenly more boring when parents are around? Yes, it's true in real life that sensible adults tend to make sure children stay out of dangerous situations, but is the story view that "adventure only happens when we're not around authorities" the right attitude to have? And is there a way to write something different?
This is the point I spent a long time pondering. What if whole families could go on thrilling exploits together? What if parents weren't an impediment to adventure, but rather the reason children get into it in the first place? Wouldn't this be a far more exciting (and Biblical) premise than the one currently offered by stacks of literature out there?
I began to think so, and the Baker Family Adventures Series was born.


"C. R. Hedgcock's stories are fun, intriguing, and good reads for the whole family. Her characters are relatable and teach children great lessons through their examples. Get ready for adventure, suspense, and lots of family fun!"
--John J. Horn, author of the Men of Grit series

"I read the first two books in the Baker Family Adventure series and I've re-read them several times since. They teach important Biblical principles while at the same time your heart is racing from excitement and suspense! Thank you, Miss Hedgcock, for clean, exhilarating and God-honoring mysteries."
--Journey, 15 years old

"All of these wonderful books are so well written, with adventure and spiritual applications throughout, as well as the occasional educational tidbits. It can be very challenging to find such high-quality, conservative Christian worldview books to read. We tell others about these whenever we get the chance."
--Mrs. Cochran

"My family loves the Baker Family Adventures series! These wonderful, well-written books will certainly captivate your entire family. The Bakers provide wonderful, godly characters that your family will enjoy visiting again and again."
--The Bentons

Additional Information:

Cover: Softcover, 8 Volumes
Publisher: Grace & Truth Books