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The Inner Life: Its Nature, Relapse, and Recovery
Winslow, Octavius

The Inner Life: Its Nature, Relapse, and Recovery

ISBN: 9798886860344
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Book Description:

Jesus, the Good Shepherd, grants eternal life to His sheep-not just a life reserved for the future but one that starts in the life we now. But how are we to understand this supernatural gift? What does it look like as Christ accomplishes his good work within us? In The Inner Life, Octavius Winslow examines what it means for believers to have the spiritual power of Christ living in them. After looking at how the Spirit of Christ lives in His disciples, Winslow carefully explains how our spiritual life is assaulted, struggles, and regains strength as we travel a difficult but blessed road to our heavenly rest.


  • The Nature and Manifestation of the Inner Life
  • The Inner Life in Its Gradual and Imperceptible Relapse
  • The Inner Life Contrasted with Its Counterfeit
  • The Inner Life in Its Relapsed Influence
  • The Re-Quickening of the Inner Life
  • The Penitence and Prayer of the Inner Life
  • The Renewed Anointing of the Inner Life
  • Establishment in the Faith Essential to the Advancement of the Inner Life
  • The Influence of Sanctified Trial upon the Inner Life
  • The Resurrection of Christ in Its Relation to the Inner Life of the Christian
  • Heaven the Consummation of the Inner Life
  • Healing the Wounds of Schism


Octavius Winslow (1808-1878) was born in London, England, and raised in New York. He was ordained as a pastor in 1833 and held pastorates in New York, Leamington Spa, Bath, and Brighton. A prolific author, his devotional writings exhibit his Reformed, experiential convictions and distinctive, warm, ardent style.


"Mr. Winslow's book is a test wherewith professing Christians may try the reality or comparative vitality of their spiritual life. Mr. Winslow writes for every branch of Christ's universal church: they who are Christ's will recognize in the words of the servant, the spirit and teaching of their common Master."
--Christian Guardian

"If you desire to live with "the conscious power of truth in your soul," to be "so intensely glowing with the love of Christ, as to be ever ready to open your lips for God-a well always full, and running over," if you crave that your soul "feel more, weep more, love more, pray more and live more," and if your heart burns for a greater anointing in "Christ-exalting, soul-awakening, soul-winning, soul-searching, soul-loving ministry," this book is for you."
--Tanner Turley, foreword

Additional Information:

Cover: Softcover
Number of Pages: 156
Publisher: Reformation Heritage Books
Publication Date: 2023