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Forgotten Reformer: Myles Coverdale and the First Forty Years of the English Reformation
Main, G.F.

Forgotten Reformer: Myles Coverdale and the First Forty Years of the English Reformation

ISBN: 9798886860276
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Book Description:

Myles Coverdale (1488-1569) is the little-known first translator of the complete Bible into English after the invention of the printing press.

As a forerunner to the Puritans' non-conformity, Coverdale was forced to flee England. He lived in exile three separate times for his translation work and Reformed convictions. G. F. Main now presents the rarely told tale of this forgotten Reformer in a riveting new biography.

1 The Forgotten Reformer?
2 England before the Reformation
3 The Dawn of the Reformation
4 First Exile
5 Working for Thomas Cromwell
6 Second Exile
7 Strengthening the Reformation
8 Bishop of Exeter
9 A Narrow Escape from Burning
10 Third Exile
11 Last Years
12 An Evaluation
Appendix 1: Comparison of Bible Versions
Appendix 2: Joan Waste and Anne Askew
Appendix 3: Coverdale's Most Important Literary Works
Appendix 4: Coverdale's Letter Anticipating Martyrdom


G. F. Main holds a degree from Oxford University and served forty-three years as a teacher and head teacher. His research interests lie in the Protestant Reformation.


"An excellent history of a greatly used and highly respected servant of the Lord. Highly recommended."-Bible League Quarterly "We warmly recommend this book to our readers."
--The Free Presbyterian Magazine

"Successfully setting forth the life and achievements of Myles Coverdale. . . . Warmly recommended."
--The Gospel Magazine

"We heartily recommend this inspiring book."
--British Church Newspaper

"An excellent volume."
--Peace and Truth Magazine

"Warmly recommended as a record of the life and achievements of Myles Coverdale."
--Protestant Truth Magazine

"Very accessible for readers unfamiliar with Reformation history."
--The English Churchman

Additional Information:

Cover: Hardcover
Number of Pages: 201
Publisher: Reformation Heritage Books
Publication Date: 2023