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Next Children's Story Hour: Tuesday, March 12
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Occupations in the Bible
Van Boven, B.J.

Occupations in the Bible

ISBN: 9789492987266
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Book Description:

In God's Word we meet with various occupations. By these occupations we are pointed in different ways to the saving work of God in the hearts of lost children of Adam.

In this little book twelve occupations are portrayed which can be found in the Bible: builder, physician, shepherd, housewife, seamstress, potter, seller of purple, tent maker, fisher, midwife, sower and silversmith. Added to each meditation is a very nice illustration by Adri Burghout and a quote from an 'old writer'.


Ref. B.J. van Boven (1970) if the minister of the Netherlands Reformed Congregation of De Valk Wekeron and vice-chairman of the Gereformeerde Bijbelstichting.

Additional Information:

Cover: Hardcover
Number of Pages: 111
Publisher: Gereformeerde Bijbelstichting
Publication Date: 2021