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Next Children's Story Hour: Tuesday, March 12
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The Pilgrim's Progress Volume 1: Christian's Journey
van Vuuren, A.C.H.

The Pilgrim's Progress Volume 1: Christian's Journey

ISBN: 9789491570179
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Book Description:

The Pilgrim's Progress is a story about a man named Christian who traveled to the land of Immanuel. On his journey, he experienced many difficult situations; however, he also had wonderful experiences that encouraged him to complete his trip.

Maybe you are curious. Why did Christian start this journey? What experiences made the trip difficult? What did Christian find that was pleasant on the trip? Although the story was written hundreds of years ago, the Pilgrim's Progress still causes many to ask, "Am I travelling on the same journey as Christian?"

This book is especially suitable for children who are in elementary school. The book is written in such a way that even little children will be able to understand much of it. Older children and adults will enjoy following along on this journey in a meaningful way.

This book is also very suitable for being used in the family. Together, you can agree on reading a chapter every week. In this way, you could be on this special journey for just over a year.

An explanation follows each chapter, and some questions are asked. Also, at the beginning of each chapter is a bible text and there is a Psalter which can be sung.

Additional Information:

Cover: Hardcover
Number of Pages: 288
Publisher: John Bunyan Stichting
Publication Date: 2023