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Streams of Blessing: James Fraser, Missionary in China
Kranendonk-Gijssen, J.

Streams of Blessing: James Fraser, Missionary in China

ISBN: 9789402901139
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Book Description:

If King Jesus would return today and would find millions of people who had never heard the gospel, what answer would if give Him if He looked to me for an explanation?

This is the question that the English student James Fraser (1886) cannot push away.

He is sent out as a missionary to China. James feels a deep love for the Lisu, an ethnic group that lives high in the mountains, with its own language and culure. He wants to reach them with the message of salvation. James travels through the mountains from village to village, but his labours among seem to have little effect. Despite this he continues to preach and persevere in prayer, trusting that it is God's work, and not his own.

His trust is not confounded, because shortly thereafter the streams of blessing flow down as gushing waters!

In this book you can read the remarkable life of missionary James Fraser (1886-1938).
It has been written for children 11 and up, but adults will enjoy reading it as well.

Additional Information:

Cover: Hardcover
Number of Pages: 120
Publisher: Bonisa Mission
Publication Date: 2021