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Jonathan Edwards and the Stockbridge Mohican Indians: His Mission and Sermons
Paul, Roy M.

Jonathan Edwards and the Stockbridge Mohican Indians: His Mission and Sermons

ISBN: 9781989174531
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Book Description:

The story of the Stockbridge Mohican Indians, unlike that portrayed in the legendary Last of the Mohicans, is a story of tragedy and deceit, and yet one of endurance and strength. This proud people, despite the many efforts to remove their identity and eradicate their unique culture, have endured and continue to flourish, ensuring future generations will benefit from their rich legacy.

This book chronicles the history of the Mohican people, highlighting their desire to know more about the "Great, Good Spirit," by asking for a Christian minister to come to them. After the untimely death of their first missionary, John Sergeant, they were blessed by the ministry of Jonathan Edwards, the foremost theologian in American history. He has been described as, "an activist, preacher, contemplative, missionary, philosopher, and theologian." Not only did Edwards bring them the Word of God, he fought relentlessly for their rights. Herein lies a glimpse into the history of this noble people and Edwards' efforts for their physical and spiritual well-being.


Roy M. Paul was born in Perth, Ontario. He completed a B.A. in Chemistry and Psychology from Queen's University, an Honours B.Sc. in Biomedical Science from University of Guelph, a Master of Theological Studies from Heritage Theological Seminary and a Th.D. in Church History from Golden State. Paul currently serves as the Executive Research Assistant at the Canadian office of the Andrew Fuller Centre for Baptist Studies.


"God weaves together the golden threads of His love and truth in Christ with the dark threads of human sin and misery. This rich and informative study by Roy Paul traces those threads through the tapestry of Mohican history, especially as they intersect with the life of Jonathan Edwards. Edwards' sermons to the Mohicans, together with his advocacy for their often-abused rights, show us that God is not the God of one nation, but the God of all peoples. A fascinating read!"
--Joel R. Beeke, President, Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary, Grand Rapids, MI

"Roy Paul's work on the Mahican people and the mission at Stockbridge, Massachusetts, provides a new and vital perspective: beginning not with English missionizing, but with the Mahicans themselves. Their relation to Jonathan Edwards, highlighted here, is an important one, as illustrated through his sermons, but he is only a part of their story, a story of connection to place, of deep spirituality, and of survival and recovery."
--Kenneth P. Minkema, Jonathan Edwards Center, Yale University, New Haven, CT

"The Muh-he-con-neok have a rich and diverse history. From their homelands in the East to their current reservation in Wisconsin, they have never forgotten who they are and where they came from. Roy Paul has managed to combine the history of the Mohican people with the history of the tribes' Christianization in a way that is both respectful of their traditions and honest about the atrocities inflicted on them by colonization."
--Heather Bruegl, M.A., Enrolled Oneida Nation of Wisconsin and Descendant Stockbridge Munsee; Director of Cultural Affairs-Stockbridge Munsee Community, Bowler, WI

Additional Information:

Cover: Softcover
Number of Pages: 192
Author: Paul, Roy M.
Publisher: H&E Publishing
Publication Date: 2020