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Through the Eyes of C.H. Spurgeon
McCaskell, Stephen; editor

Through the Eyes of C.H. Spurgeon

ISBN: 9781952599088
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Book Description:

Through the Eyes of Spurgeon is a goldmine of memorable statements of C. H. Spurgeon mined out of his books and the 3,600 sermons.

The Prince of Preachers had a gift of concisely and powerfully communicating the truths of the gospel. And this book gathers thousands of the most meaningful quotes of Spurgeon into one accessible volume.


C. H. Spurgeon (1834-1892), an English Baptist pastor, preached his first sermon at sixteen. At twenty-two, he was the most popular preacher of his day, consistently addressing congregations over six thousand. He was also active in philanthropic work and evangelism and was the author of several books.


Stephen McCaskell is an award-winning filmmaker from Manitoba, Canada. His documentaries have been seen by millions of people in over 120 countries.


"A prolific preacher and author, Spurgeon's sermons alone fill some 63 volumes, his books and other writings fill many more than that. In Through the Eyes of C. H. Spurgeon, Stephen McCaskell has compiled thousands of Spurgeon's punchiest and most powerful quotes and has helpfully categorized them. Here the reader will find wisdom that extends from acceptance to work and everything in between. Here the reader will find quotes that merit thought, reflection, and attention. They are like hard candy - better savored than quickly chewed and swallowed. Read this book to generate thought and reflection. Read it to find the perfect quote for your book or sermon or blog post. Read it, and I am certain you will be blessed."
--Tim Challies

Additional Information:

Cover: Softcover
Number of Pages: 247
Author: McCaskell, Stephen; editor
Publisher: Free Grace Press
Publication Date: 2020