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War in the Wasteland
Bond, Douglas

War in the Wasteland

ISBN: 9781945062001
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Book Description:

"Full-scale assault," said Sergeant Ayres.  "Another one?" said Nigel.  "Boche learned nothing from the last one?"  "Not them." Ayres shook his head soberly.  "It's a counter attack.  Tomorrow morning, first light.  It's us over the top."


"War in the Wasteland is a gripping, informative, adrenalin-producing picture of World War I." - Douglas E. Lee

"War in the Wasteland is proof positive of what I have known for many years now:   Douglas Bond is a great storyteller.  Put this one on the top of your must-read list." - George Grant

Additional Information:

Cover: Softcover
Number of Pages: 281
Author: Bond, Douglas
Publisher: Inkblots Press
Publication Date: 2016