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Portraits of Faithful Saints
Hanko, Herman

Portraits of Faithful Saints

ISBN: 9781944555245
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Book Description:

Read about old favorites, such as Augustine and Luther, and learn about the obscure, though equally influential Christians, such as Cocceius and Olevianus.

This collection of short biographies details the lives of fifty-two professing believers who lived and died for Christ. Not sentimental or fictionalized, these accounts tell what Christians actually said and did during difficult times, and they prepare the reader to face opposition today.


"While Portraits of Faithful Saints may not make the official textbook lists in some seminaries, students are going to latch on to Hanko's latest as an indispensable cheatsheet on the biography of theologians--the Halley's Handbook of its field."
--Christian Observer

Additional Information:

Cover: Hardcover
Number of Pages: 450
Publisher: Reformed Free Publishing
Publication Date: 1999