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William Tyndale the English Treasure Seeker
Bout, J. & N.J. Span

William Tyndale the English Treasure Seeker

ISBN: 9781936215164
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Book Description:

William Tyndale, who was born in 1494 in England, saw keenly how his people were purposely being kept ignorant by the Roman Catholic Church. He felt called to translate the Bible from Greek and Hebrew into the language of the English people. Because of this he came into a terrible conflict with the bishops and priests who wanted to keep the Bible in chains.

The gifted young man faced a life full of hardships. He even had to flee the land of his birth. Despite all the schemes of the enemy, his work continued.

Additional Information:

Cover: Hardcover
Number of Pages: 155
Author: Bout, J. & N.J. Span
Publisher: Early Foundations Publishers
Publication Date: 2010