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Indeed, Has Paul Really Said?
Beasley, Michael J.

Indeed, Has Paul Really Said?

ISBN: 9781935358022
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Book Description:

It was Martin Luther who said that the doctrine of justification by faith is 'the doctrine by which the church stands or falls.' As an acknowledgement of this reality Indeed, has Paul Really Said? is set forth as a modern-day defense of the crucial doctrine of justification, in response to those who seek to undermine such a doctrine by means of the theological innovations of men like N. T. Wright. In particular, Indeed, has Paul Really Said? is a critique of Wright's own work: What Saint Paul Really Said (Eerdmans Publishing, 1997), and endeavors to simplify the presumed controversy over justification by faith.

Therefore, rather than perusing every nuance of Wright's position, this book simplifies matters by revealing the Achilles' Heel of Wright's teaching regarding the expression the righteousness of God, through four comprehensible and reproducible evaluations concerning:
     1. A Lexical Analysis of the terms - righteousness, justification , and the expression - the righteousness of God.
     2. The forensic [judicial] connotation of these terms.
     3. The relevance of Paul's background as a Pharisee.
     4. The manner in which justification is revealed within the whole counsel of God's Word.

In the final analysis, justification is not a 'logic chopping' doctrine, instead it is foundational to that which distinguishes the genuine Gospel from every false imitation. God has indeed said: '...Abraham believed God, and it was reckoned to him as righteousness.' It is this truth that has marked the very essence of Gospel hope in every generation. May the Lord preserve our own generation in such a Gospel hope in the one true object of faith for all men - the Lord Jesus Christ.

Additional Information:

Cover: Softcover
Number of Pages: 80
Author: Beasley, Michael J.
Publisher: Armoury Ministries
Publication Date: 2008