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Young Burning Hearts Series - The Martyr of Kolin
Ward, H.O.

Young Burning Hearts Series - The Martyr of Kolin

ISBN: 9781928136477
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Book Description:

When I reached home from afternoon school, I went up to a little upper chamber which Wilma and I had as our own, and there I found my sister - who was at the time a fair young maiden of thirteen - busy with her needle.

"Well Sister," said I "so we are to have another of these good gentlemen tonight."

"He has come," she said mysteriously.

"Has he? What is he like?" I asked.

"I have not seen him, for he is closeted with our father in his private chamber."

"Will he sup openly with us tonight?"

"Yes I think so. Elspeth will keep a careful watch, and there is a door behind the tapestry, you know, in case of a surprise."


Deborah Alcock (1835-1913) was born and raised in Ireland during the years of the potato famine, as the daughter of John Alcock, a clergyman of the Reformed Church of England and Ireland. Her books contain very accurate details of church history in story form and belong to the best historical fiction ever written.

Additional Information:

Cover: Softcover
Number of Pages: 181
Author: Ward, H.O.
Publisher: Inheritance Publications
Publication Date: 2016