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My Favorite Story Book
Van de Hulst, W.G.

My Favorite Story Book

ISBN: 9781928136224
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Book Description:

Translated from the Dutch by Marian Schooland

32 Favorite stories:
  1 Two Little Sisters
  2 Dickie and the Little Finch
  3 The Little Wooden Shoe
  4 A Teddy Bear That Grew
  5 The Sick Man
  6 White and Black
  7 Mother and Steven
  8 The Ugly Caterpillar
  9 Grandpa's Watch
  10 Naughty Hector
  11 The Little Man with a Crooked Neck
  12 Little Jack's Vacation
  13 Shiner
  14 Brown Beans, White Beans
  15 In the Little Reed Cradle
  16 Whose Little Goat Are You?
  17 Lettie
  18 The Glass Marble
  19 One Rainy, Rainy Day
  20 The Snowman
  21 My Friend Blackcap and I
  22 The Two Little Lambs
  23 When the Wild Wind Blows
  24 Nibs and the Little Old Man
  25 Tarts
  26 Who Was Most Kind?
  27 Reta, Meta, and Sofeta
  28 Potatoes for Mother
  29 Donnie's Corner
  30 Hagar and Ishmael
  31 Peeper
  32 Elsa and the Violets

Additional Information:

Cover: Softcover
Number of Pages: 195
Author: Van de Hulst, W.G.
Publisher: Inheritance Publications
Publication Date: 2014