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Stories Children Love # 7 - The Black Kitten
Van de Hulst, W.G.

Stories Children Love # 7 - The Black Kitten

ISBN: 9781928136071
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Book Description:

Sandy tries to save a little kitten from falling into the water. Instead, she accidentally pushes in under. A passer-by accuses her of trying to drown the kitten. Sandy, the little would-be rescuer, catches a chill and get seriously ill. Feverishly she dreams of black kittens and that accusing man on the road. In the end the accuser becomes a healer and the would-be rescuer is in need of rescue herself. As for the victim, the black kitten - it heals a heart and finds a home.

A child still loves a story - about a cat that ran away, about a hungry dog waiting for some scraps of meat outside a butcher shop, about an abandoned doll lying in the rain.Each animal, each toy, has its own story. And your child wants to hear that story.

W.G. Van de Hulst was a master storyteller. He knew children. And he wrote stories children love. That's why more than three million books in this series have been sold. This series includes 21 books!

Additional Information:

Cover: Softcover
Number of Pages: 48
Author: Van de Hulst, W.G.
Publisher: Inheritance Publications
Publication Date: 2014