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Pursuing Holiness: The Message of 1 Peter
Cartwright, Hugh M.

Pursuing Holiness: The Message of 1 Peter

ISBN: 9781915777010
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Book Description:

The twin themes of Peter's First Epistle are holiness and hope. Over the course of 32 installments, Hugh M Cartwright (1943-2011) preached consecutively through the whole epistle, leaving no verse untouched. These 32 addresses are all collected in this volume, making up in effect a devotional commentary on the epistle.

Whatever difficulties believers may experience, whether external pressures or the inner struggle against sin, Peter's epistle assures us that things will end well for the Lord's people. Hugh Cartwight's expositions in turn encourage us to keep pursuing holiness and persevering in hope.

Holiness is the environment in which hope flourishes. And hope is the motivation to holiness. Throughout the First Epistle of Peter, the apostle emphasises that we are to pursue the kind of life that has the glory of God as its aim, and the destruction of sin as its intention.

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Additional Information:

Cover: Hardcover
Number of Pages: 253
Publisher: Ettrick Press
Publication Date: 2020