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God's Little People - Little People in Paul's Letters
Edwards, Brian H.

God's Little People - Little People in Paul's Letters

ISBN: 9781903087855
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Book Description:

For every person whose name blazes across the pages of our heritage of history in the large letters of a Tyndale, Bunyan, Wesley, Spurgeon or Lloyd-Jones, there are tens of thousands of 'little people' who have courageously and faithfully maintained a stand for the truth and have extended the borders of the Kingdom of God. It is upon these that the Lord builds his church and they are equally important in God's large strategy for the gospel. Most of us are precisely that - just little people. Here is the story of some of those little people whom Paul takes great delight in introducing into his letters.

Additional Information:

Cover: Softcover
Number of Pages: 112
Author: Edwards, Brian H.
Publisher: Day One Publications
Publication Date: 2005