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Bible Colour & Learn  2 - The New Testament

Bible Colour & Learn 2 - The New Testament

ISBN: 9781903087176
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Book Description:

This series of colouring books will enable children to explore the Bible and learn Bible texts. The youngest child will have fun colouring the illustrations in each book - while an adult can help them to take their first steps in biblical knowledge.

There are twenty booklets in this series. Two introductory booklets give an overview of the Old and New Testaments, and a third covers the creation story. The remaining booklets bring to life the Bible stories of Old and New Testament characters such as Moses, Jacob, Joseph, Ruth, David, Mary, John the Baptist and the apostles.

Additional Information:

Cover: Booklet - 9" x 12"
Number of Pages: 30
Publisher: Day One Publications
Publication Date: 2005