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Precious Memories #1 - Little White Farm House in Iowa
Brands, Carol

Precious Memories #1 - Little White Farm House in Iowa

ISBN: 9781894666381
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Book Description:

Writing the stories of Katherine's childhood turned into three books, of which this is the first one. This book tells of Katherine's first ten years, the 1930s, also years of severe economic depression. The second book tells of her next seven years, also the years of World War II. The Third book contains the family's move to Minnesota to Katherine's third and last childhood home.


This is no sappy, quasi-Christian literature; this is the real deal. . . the proverbial diamond in the rough . . . I am going to see that the library at Heritage Christian School, where my children are enrolled, has several copies . . .'   --Tom Bergman, editor, Perspectives, Spring issue 2012

Additional Information:

Cover: Softcover
Number of Pages: 175
Author: Brands, Carol
Publisher: Inheritance Publications
Publication Date: 2011