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Christ Our Rest
Pitcairn, David

Christ Our Rest

ISBN: 9781892777737
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Book Description:

Although sanctified by the Spirit of Christ, Christians must continually battle against indwelling sin. It is no surprise that as the Christian life is chiefly characterized by faith and repentance, the Christian's struggles are largely with manifestations of doubt and fear. Unfortunately, these enemies of Christianity have wounded the character and weakened the comfort of many children of God.

In Christ Our Rest, David Pitcairn exposes the sad prevalence and the destructive influence of doubts among Christians, and traces them to their various causes. He writes each of his sixteen chapters as letters addressed to a dear friend, mixing scriptural exposition with tender encouragement and exhortation. He presents the gospel, both in its doctrines and in its privileges, so that the faith of the doubtful may find strength and believers may have their attention continually directed to the Lord Jesus Christ Himself. Pitcairn masterfully highlights the fullness and freeness of Christ's work as the only source of a satisfying rest for the soul.

"The grand and effectual antidote to all doubts and fears respecting our personal salvation, is a strong and steady faith in the Saviour of sinners. Christ is our rest!"David Pitcairn

Additional Information:

Cover: Softcover
Number of Pages: 362
Author: Pitcairn, David
Publisher: Reformation Heritage Books
Publication Date: 2006