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Uncle Oney's Stories
Hathaway, Oney

Uncle Oney's Stories

ISBN: 9781884377259
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Book Description:

"Look out, Slim! It's a rattlesnake! Get back!" yelled Teddy Burke. "Must have been in chuck's clothes. Oh what a whopper!" Chuck's face was deathly white, and his hands clutched at the bite just below his knee. Jerry Elden sees his opportunity to return good for eveil, and save an enemy's life at the risk of his own...

These eighteen stories, originally published in the 1930's in the Youth's Christian Companion paper, can still inspire teens of today, with touching accounts of answered prayers and of young people with courage to do the right thing.


Additional Information:

Cover: Softcover
Number of Pages: 175
Author: Hathaway, Oney
Publisher: Green Pastures Press
Publication Date: 2014