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My 1st Book of Memory Verses
Mackenzie, Carine

My 1st Book of Memory Verses

ISBN: 9781857927832
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Book Description:

Children have amazing minds. Access their God given intelligence and help them to memorize His Word. The truth that we learn as children will stick in our minds and can be brought back to our memory at vital stages in later life. However, the Holy Spirit can only bring to our minds the things which we have already learned. Encourage your children not only to read God's Word regularly, but also to learn individual verses from it.

Scripture memorizing is not just an insurance policy for the future, but a wonderful provision for the daily life of young and old. This will prove to be a priceless treasure to our children for today and for all of their lives.
This book uses the NKJV.

Additional Information:

Cover: Softcover - mini
Number of Pages: 62
Author: Mackenzie, Carine
Publisher: Christian Focus Publications
Publication Date: 2009