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Let's Study James
Ferguson, Sinclair

Let's Study James

ISBN: 9781848718463
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Book Description:

Throughout the centuries, the Letter of James has proved to be an excellent refresher course in what it means to live the Christian life. It is only a few pages long. It can be read out loud in twenty minutes. It is very direct and extremely practical.

Several themes run through the Letter of James and make clear what his burden is. He writes about suffering and joy, riches and poverty, faith and works, the tongue and speech, and about wisdom and folly. In a word, he writes about the heart and life of the Christian believer.

 James's bête noire is false and hollow piety; pious platitudes are anathema to him. Faith that does not issue in good works, a holy life, concern for the needy, and a disciplined use of the tongue, is for James no faith at all.

As with other volumes in the Let's Study series, the value of Let's Study James is enhanced by the Group Study Guide which is included.

Table of Contents
1 Experiencing Faith's Trials (1:1-4)
2 Asking for Wisdom (1:5-11)
3 Understanding Temptation (1:12-18)
4 Obeying God's Word (1:19-27)
5 Impartiality in the Church (2:1-13)
6 Faith That Works (2:14-26)
7 Guarding the Tongue (3:1-12)
8 Showing Heavenly Wisdom (3:13-18)
9 Avoiding Worldliness (4:1-6)
10 Expressing Repentance (4:6-12)
11 The Unpredictability of Life (4:13-17)
12 The Danger of False Riches (5:1-6)
13 Patience Until Christ Returns (5:7-12)
14 The Needs of God's People (5:13-20)

Additional Information:

Cover: Softcover
Number of Pages: 140
Publisher: Banner of Truth Trust
Publication Date: 2018
Discussion Questions: Included