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Defenders of the Faith - Guarding the Treasure: How God's People Preserve God's Word
Finlayson, Linda

Defenders of the Faith - Guarding the Treasure: How God's People Preserve God's Word

ISBN: 9781845506834
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Book Description:

When a powerful king learned to read, his people came to understand the true value of God's Word.
When a young scholar translated the Bible into English he risked his life to smuggle it into the country.
When a young man turned down the challenge to fight for his country it meant there was one less soldier for America but one more to make sure that the people of Guatemala received Bibles.
Then in 1982 a young woman peers intently towards the sky... an aeroplane is due with some precious cargo. This plane has boxes and to find out their contents go to chapter one!

King Alfred; William Tyndale, Cameron Townsend and Jo Shetlar are all examples of Christian believers who Guarded the Treasure of God's word. Men and women like them have travelled far and wide, lived a life of danger and adventure and have even died because of the Bible. They did this so that others would hear about the only true salvation through Jesus Christ.


Linda Finlayson is a Canadian living in the Philadelphia area of the USA. She has enjoyed working with children in schools, churches and children's clubs. Bringing together her love of books, children and history has given her the opportunity to write the adventure stories of real people. Linda is married and has one son.

Additional Information:

Cover: Softcover
Number of Pages: 238
Author: Finlayson, Linda
Publisher: Christian Focus Publications
Publication Date: 2011