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Eternal Truth
Murray, John

Eternal Truth

ISBN: 9781838077594
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Book Description:

Between 1959 and 1961, a magazine called Eternal Truth was published under the editorship of John J Murray. In the various issues which appeared, the writings of a range of Reformed authors were judiciously deployed to shine a spotlight on the needs of the evangelical world at the time and contemporary commentary was provided in Mr Murray's own editorials.

This volume collects together all the issues of this magazine in facsimile, preserving the material in its original form. It would be equally profitable to read through consecutively or to dip in and out, as either way the emphases which press themselves on the reader are the necessity for accurate theology and personal godliness. Sixty years on from the original publication, the analysis of the church's need and the aspirations for church and personal reformation remain urgent and fresh.


This rare set of fine articles takes you to the heart of what was moving a generation of young men around 1960 to take up and spread the convictions formerly strong in England and Scotland. The value is not dated.
--Iain H Murray, Founding trustee of The Banner of Truth Trust

The issues of Eternal Truth were packed with short, edifying articles and snippets of biblical, Reformed, experiential and practical truth. This delightful book brings all of Murray's past issues under one cover in their original form.
--Joel R Beeke, President, Puritan Reformed Seminary, Grand Rapids, Michigan

This magazine reprinted extracts from historic Reformed writers, and called for faithfulness to these 'old paths' in the present day. It is encouraging to see Eternal Truth being reprinted, and my hope is that this reprint will inspire a new generation to return to the wisdom of our forefathers.
--Donald John Maclean, Editor, Foundations Journal of Evangelical Theology

John J Murray was a man of godly faithfulness and gentle strength and his articles were models of engaging, well written gospel expositions. It is therefore a great privilege to commend this collection.
--Ian Hamilton, Principal, Westminster Theological Seminary, Newcastle

John J Murray was a man of true Puritan convictions and beliefs. I hope many people will read his books now they are becoming available again.
--Maurice Roberts, Former Editor, The Banner of Truth

Additional Information:

Cover: Hardcover
Number of Pages: 175
Publisher: Ettrick Press
Publication Date: 2022