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Puritan Paperbacks - Prayer
Bunyan, John

Puritan Paperbacks - Prayer

ISBN: 9781800402706
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Book Description:

Even in today's secular world, scholars continue to be fascinated by the influences behind John Bunyan's famous allegories, The Pilgrims Progress and The Holy War. In the pages of this book we discover part of the real secret of Bunyan's greatness. He was a man whose life was profoundly God-centred, and consequently he was a man of prayer.

Two works on prayer are here brought together. Praying in the Spirit and The Throne of Grace. 

Praying in the Spirit, written in 1662 in Bedford gaol (where Bunyan was later to have his immortal dream) expounds what he calls 'the very heart of prayer.' In clear and simple terms he defines what it means to pray with the spirit and with the understanding, deals with difficulties in prayer, and shows how 'the Christian can open his heart to God as a friend.'

In The Throne of Grace, Bunyan explains how to approach God's throne in prayer, and gives a rich, practical exposition of the blessings God's people receive from the high priestly ministry of Jesus Christ. Two works on prayer are here brought together.

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Table of Contents:
Part One: Praying in the Spirit
1. What true prayer is
2. What it is to pray with the Spirit
3. What it is to pray with the Spirit and with the understanding
4. Queries and objections answered
5. Use and application
6. Conclusion
Part Two: The Throne of Grace
1. God has more thrones than one
2. The godly can distinguish one throne from another
3. The persons intended by the exhortation, 'Let us come'
4. How we are to approach the throne of grace
5. Motives for coming boldly to the throne of grace
6. Conclusion


John Bunyan (1628-1688) was born the son of a metalworker near Bedford, England. He went on to become a famous preacher and writer and during his life penned over 2 million words, his most famous work being The Pilgrim's Progress.

Additional Information:

Cover: Softcover
Number of Pages: 205
Publisher: Banner of Truth Trust
Publication Date: 2022