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Where Do We Go From Here?
Blanchard, John

Where Do We Go From Here?

ISBN: 9781783971961
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Book Description:

Where do we go from here? is the final question all humanity faces, and this booklet tackles it head-on.

Exactly what does happen to us when we die? The immediate future of the body is fairly obvious, but what about the spirit or soul?

  • Is it annihilated or reincarnated?
  • Is it conscious or unconscious?
  • Do we face endless pain or endless pleasure?
  • Is there a second chance to put things right?
  • Do we have to wait until after we die to find out?

This booklet answers these and other questions biblically, clearly and in a user-friendly way. Here is an ideal resource to share with people who have no grasp of the Christian message.


Dr John Blanchard is an internationally-known author, evangelist and Christian apologist. Some eighteen million copies of his publications are in print in over fifty languages.

Additional Information:

Cover: Softcover - mini
Number of Pages: 71
Author: Blanchard, John
Publisher: EP Books
Publication Date: 2016