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Who Made God? Searching for a Theory of Everything
Andrews, Edgar

Who Made God? Searching for a Theory of Everything

ISBN: 9781783971237
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Book Description:

All too often books that deal with deep philosophical questions lack connection to the absurdity and humor of everyday life. This book, Who Created God does not suffer from that problem. This book, while intellectually engaging, also tackles the 'new atheism' of philosophers like Richard Dawkins with humor, wit, and yet remains highly informative, scholarly precise, and above all, is well written.

Presenting a robust argument for biblical theism as a positive, and as an altogether more convincing alternative to atheism, Edgar Andrews' work is as thoughtful and compelling, as it is entertaining and witty. Indeed, Robert Strivens,president of London theological Seminary, describes Andrews as "devastating in his critique of evolutionary atheism" and that he compellingly shows how a "right understanding of the scientific enterprise poses no threat to biblical Christianity.

This book is perfect for anyone who desires to understand this debate from the lay level, or who is questioning their own faith, and wants to see the arguments framed in a new way. A great read for anyone, especially for those wanting to understand and counteract the 'new atheism'.

This New Third Edition includes appendix 'God, Black Holes and Stephen Hawking'


'As a distinguished scientist, Professor Edgar Andrews is well qualified to counter the current attempts to airbrush God out of existence - and does so with intelligent and infectious enthusiasm. Richard Dawkins' The God delusion is an obvious target and he expertly dismantles its atheistic claims, reducing them to rubble with a lightness of touch I had never before come across in a book of this kind. I know of nothing quite like it.'
--John Blanchard, author, lecturer and conference speaker

'Edgar Andrews is thought-provoking, witty, extremely readable, and ultimately devastating in his critique of evolutionary atheism. He demonstrates that a right understanding of the scientific enterprise poses no threat to biblical Christianity - indeed, that the kind of world we live in is precisely what the biblical account of God and creation would lead us to expect. Richard Dawkins has more than met his match!'
--Robert Strivens, Principal, London Theological Seminary

Additional Information:

Cover: Softcover
Number of Pages: 322
Publisher: EP Books
Publication Date: 2009