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Preaching With Spiritual Power: Calvin's Understanding of Word and Spirit in Preaching
Cunnington, Ralph

Preaching With Spiritual Power: Calvin's Understanding of Word and Spirit in Preaching

ISBN: 9781781916018
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Book Description:

The role of the Holy Spirit in preaching is an active debate in the Church today. The disagreement is between those who would otherwise agree on much and so careful consideration is essential if we are to avoid unnecessary division.

Does the Holy Spirit automatically work when the Word is preached? If so, might we run the risk of rreducing preaching to just explaining what scripture says without application or appeal? Or, as  some others believe, does the spirit work where and when He pleases, making it necessary for the church to plead and pray so as to persuade God to act?

Given that Calvin's teaching provides much of the ground behind many of the classic Reformed Confessions, it is a critical part of the discussion to consider how he handled the topic and in this focused and practical piece, Ralph Cunnington does just that, in a manner that will prove wonderfully helpful to the church today.


Ralph Cunnington is co-pastor of City Church Manchester. He is a member of the Theological Teams of FIEC and Affinity and editor of Affinity's theological journal Foundations.


"... helpful contribution, cutting through contemporary rhetoric to the actual teaching of the reformers, in its historical context ... a model for those engaged in polemics, and a stimulating study of God's Word." - Peace and Truth Magazine

"Ralph Cunnington is an excellent guide. With careful and incisive scholarship, and writing that is both clear and cogent, he steers a sure and reliable course..." - Robert Letham, Wales Evangelical School of Theology, Bridgend, Wales

"... the first book-length treatment of an important issue that has been simmering just under the surface of British Evangelicalism for a number of years... I hope this will not lead to a full-blown controversy, but to a closer examination of the Scriptures." - Sinclair B. Ferguson, Associate Preacher, St Peter's Free Church, Dundee, Scotland

"... provides a most careful analysis in some depth of the historical data concerning Lutheran and Reformed views of the subject and thereby takes the debate forwards in a very helpful manner." - Robert Strivens, Principal, London Theological Seminary, London

Additional Information:

Cover: Softcover
Number of Pages: 126
Author: Cunnington, Ralph
Publisher: Mentor by Christian Focus Publications
Publication Date: 2015