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Jewels of Grace in Nigeria
Sonnevelt, Cornelius

Jewels of Grace in Nigeria

ISBN: 9781778107269
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Book Description:

There are jewels made of precious stone, and there are jewels of God's grace. This book is about the latter. It is about people who have been sought out by the Lord, and about the birth of a Christian church in a West African country, the Nigeria Reformed Church.

Divided in three sections, Jewels of Grace in Nigeria tells stories that have never been published before. Through twenty touching testimonies, the first section reveals how God performs His work, despite difficult circumstances and missionaries' shortcomings. The fifteen interesting anecdotes that follow demonstrate humorously and instructively what happens when two cultures meet and sometimes collide. The last section includes ten open conversations with people who were present during the early days of the Nigeria Reformed Church and are still alive at the time of the interviews (2022). They reflect on the past, shine light on the present, and end with a wish for the future.

From a multitude of testimonies, stories, and interviews, a selection had to be made. Thus, there are jewels we can see-hopefully they shine in this publication-and those we cannot see, but all are known to God. That is what matters most.


Rev. Cornelius Sonnevelt, former Missionary among the Izi People.

Additional Information:

Cover: Softcover
Number of Pages: 212
Publisher: Christian Heritage Press
Publication Date: 2022