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A Church in the House
Henry, Matthew

A Church in the House

ISBN: 9781774840610
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Book Description:

This is a completely new reprint edition by H&E with some updates and easy to read formatting.

Churches are unique and sacred gatherings, designed for the honour and service of God in Christ. They are devoted to Him and work heartily in all things for His glory. This is what your families ought to be. Your houses should be temples for God, places for worship and everything you own dedicated to be used for His honour.

For the Church, Scripture is the sufficient and satisfying nourishment that provides growth in grace. Therefore it is better to be without bread in your houses than without Bibles, for the words of God's mouth are, and should be, more to you than your necessary food.

If God will be glorified in your neighbourhood and nation once again, it will start in your family devotion through song, reading, confessing and praying. For I know not anything that will contribute more to the furtherance of this good work than the bringing of family religion more into practice and reputation. Here the reformation must begin.


Matthew Henry (1662-1714) was a Nonconformist minister serving for twenty-seven years in England. He is best known for his Complete Commentary (1710) which has provided countless Christians with easily accessible verse-by-verse exposition and application. What Matthew Henry wrote serves as an invaluable tool for the reader to admire the beauty and majesty of God in Scripture. It is no wonder that Henry's works should find their place in the lap of such men as George Whitefield who can be pictured each morning with the Lord 'on his knees with his Bible, his Greek New Testament, and a volume of Matthew Henry spread before him."

Additional Information:

Cover: Softcover
Number of Pages: 77
Publisher: H&E Publishing
Publication Date: 2018