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Simon Gieke: The Warrior of Tholen
Van Houdt, Johannes

Simon Gieke: The Warrior of Tholen

ISBN: 9781772981315
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Book Description:

Captain De Ryke and the other leaders of the invasion believed that the island only had a small garrison of Spanish troops; they believed that many of the Spanish troops had been withdrawn from Tholen and the nearby cities in Brabant. They also hoped that the citizens of Tholen would do all they could to help the Beggars. The plans were carefully thought through and the likelihood of success was high. However, man proposes but God disposes.

The men preparing to invade Tholen had formerly been farmers, fishermen, craftsmen, and labourers. Fighting in harsh conditions had made them intrepid soldiers. Men who previously knew nothing about war and fighting had become a heroic force that was feared by the Spaniards. Many of these men feared the Lord. All looked forward to freeing the city and island of Tholen from its oppressors.

Skipper Lievenszoon had been ordered to bring his men to the western part of the island. At high tide, his ship sailed into a creek; the Beggars aboard jumped into the water and reached shore without encountering any opposition. They marched toward the town of St. Maartensdyk. This place had only a small garrison and the Beggars soon captured the town. They raised the orange flag on the church steeple; this showed that the town had taken the side of the Prince of Orange.

Additional Information:

Cover: Softcover
Number of Pages: 189
Publisher: Inheritance Publications
Publication Date: 2022