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Scout #1 - The Secret of the Swamp - Audio Book [mp3 files]
Prins, Piet

Scout #1 - The Secret of the Swamp - Audio Book [mp3 files]

ISBN: 9781772980929
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Book Description:

An Audio Book on mp3 files
Read by John Froma

During the Nazi occupation of the Netherlands, Tom's German shepherd proves himself invaluable when his tracking ability saves his young owner's life.

Tom comes to the rescue of a downed English airman and a little Jewish girl and finds a place of refuge for them in the treacherous swamps around his home, but how will he keep them hidden from the Germans and bring them to safety?


Piet Prins (pen name for Pieter Jongeling 1909-1985) was one of the most popular Dutch authors of children books. For many years he was the editor of a Reformed Christian daily newspaper, in which he wrote most of his children's books as serials under the name Piet Prins.

Additional Information:

Cover: 1 mp3 cd
Publisher: Inheritance Publications
Publication Date: 2020