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The Reformation Trail Series #20 - Luther by Those Who Knew Him
Charles, Elizabeth Rundle

The Reformation Trail Series #20 - Luther by Those Who Knew Him

ISBN: 9781772980196
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Book Description:

"Hours and hours Fritz and I spoke of Dr. Luther and what he had done for us both - more, perhaps for Fritz than even for me, because he had suffered more. It seems to me as if we, and thousands besides in the world, had been worshipping before an altar picture of our Saviour, which we had been told was painted by a great master after a heavenly pattern. But all we could see was a grim, hard, stern countenance of one sitting on a judgement throne. In his hands were lightnings, and worse lightnings were buried in the cloud of his severe and threatening brow. Then suddenly we heard Dr. Luther's voice behind us, saying, in his ringing tones - "Friends, what are you doing? That is not the right painting. These are only the boards that hide the master's picture."

- An extract from Thekla's diary

Additional Information:

Cover: Softcover
Number of Pages: 436
Author: Charles, Elizabeth Rundle
Publisher: Inheritance Publications
Publication Date: 2017