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The Covenant of Redemption
Willard, Samuel

The Covenant of Redemption

ISBN: 9781736588031
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Book Description:

Many are familiar with the two covenants God made with mankind, The Covenant of Works and The Covenant of Grace. But not many are familiar with the covenant God made with Himself and with Christ, which theologians call The Covenant of Redemption.

In this very rare work, the New England Puritan, Samuel Willard, opens this doctrine in its fullness and shows us the eternal plan God devised to honor His Son before the entire universe, and the obedience of Christ in agreeing to all the terms of the covenant.

This Covenant of Redemption is the basis and foundation for all that God intended to do for lost sinners.

Additional Information:

Cover: Hardcover
Number of Pages: 184
Publisher: Northampton Press
Publication Date: 2022