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The Wonderful Works of God
Bavinck, Herman

The Wonderful Works of God

ISBN: 9781733627221
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Book Description:

"Under the title of Magnalia Dei, the wonderful works of God, I wish to give a simple explanation of the Christian faith in a book of modest scope, as confessed by the Reformed churches…" -Herman Bavinck, from his Foreword

110 years after its original publication, The Wonderful Works of God remains one of the finest single-volume systematic theologies ever written. Adapting the magisterial systematic theology found in his four-volume Reformed Dogmatics, this is perhaps Bavinck's most eminently practical work a single, accessible volume for the college classroom and the family bookshelf. Previously published in America as Our Reasonable Faith, this book has had a deep and lasting influence on the growth and development of Reformed theology. It is the publisher's hope that in its new form, this book continues to astonish readers with the wonderful works of God, and provide a deeper knowledge of their Triune God.

Included in this new, hardcover edition:

A new, insightful Introduction by R. Carlton Wynne
Updated typesetting of the classic Zylstra translation
The translator's 1956 Preface
Bavinck's original Foreword, previously unavailable in English
A comprehensive, student-friendly scripture and subject index

Table of Contents:
1. Man's Highest Good
2. The Knowledge of God
3. General Revelation
4. The Value of General Revelation
5. The Manner of Special Revelation
6. The Content of Special Revelation
7. The Holy Scriptures
8. Scripture and Confession
9. The Being of God
10. The Divine Trinity
11. Creation and Providence
12. The Origin, Essence, and Purpose of Man
13. Sin and Death
14. The Covenant of Grace
15. The Mediator of the Covenant
16. The Divine and Human Nature of Christ
17. The Work of Christ in His Humiliation
18. The Work of Christ in His Exaltation
19. The Gift of the Holy Spirit
20. The Christian Calling
21. Justification
22. Sanctification
23. The Church of Christ
24. Eternal Life


Herman Bavinck (1854-1921) succeeded Abraham Kuyper as Professor of Theology at the Free University of Amsterdam. With the recent translation into English of his four-volume Reformed Dogmatics there has been a renewed appreciation for this deeply intelligent mind committed to the importance of the church.


"The Wonderful Works of God is more than an abridged version of Reformed Dogmatics-it is a fresh restatement of the same truths clothed in plain language for popular use. May God use it to infuse scriptural, Reformed Christianity into the heads and hearts of many people."
--Joel R. Beeke, President, Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary

"Your spiritual life will be well benefitted as you immerse yourself in this rich teaching."
--Steven J. Lawson, President, OnePassion Ministries

"The reappearance of this volume is most welcome. As Bavinck's own abridgement of his monumental Reformed Dogmatics, it not only serves as an important and helpful introduction to that larger work but also provides brief and valuable treatments in their own right of the matters dealt with in its twenty-four chapters. Here is a book that belongs in the libraries of every church, pastor, teacher, and student of theology."
--Richard B. Gaffin, Jr., Professor of Biblical and Systematic Theology Emeritus, Westminster Theological Seminary

"It was Bavinck, through this volume, who confirmed for me that theology can and must grow organically from the Scriptures. In The Wonderful Works of God Bavinck leads us in this discipline with doxological elegance. His deep knowledge and careful treatment of the Scriptures, woven together in the great themes of biblical revelation, provides a model methodology for pastors and teachers. I have commended this book for disciplining pastors and leaders in the past and I am delighted that Westminster Seminary Press has produced this new edition for a new generation."
--John Currie, Professor of Pastoral Theology, Westminster Theological Seminary

Additional Information:

Cover: Hardcover
Number of Pages: 659
Author: Bavinck, Herman
Publisher: Westminster Seminary Press
Publication Date: 2020